10 Best Things that Make You Fall in Love – FRIENDS [Best Season of All Time]

I watch a lot of seasons and movies. Whether it’s a 60 year old movie or latest released season, I know about it. That’s the kind of nerd I am. And here I am sharing with you my most favorite season of all time. That season is called “FRIENDS”. It has actually won many award and it is one of the most loved seasons in history. This season is basically comedy but it is a lot more than just that. Here I am sharing the top 10 reasons why watch FRIENDS after all everyone loves this TV show for some reason.

Learn What Friendship is About

The story revolves around six friends, 3 male and 3 females. They are best friends who live near each other and mostly hang out together at one apartment or at a coffee shop. I have many friends but this season taught the real meaning of friendship. I am not saying this just because I have to write a nice article about it, I actually mean it. These six were literally like a family. This the best reason why watch FRIENDS drama season.

I always have limits with my friends. I try never to fight with them and just be sincere which is how friendship is supposed to be. Usually people look for common things among friends. But the way these six people in FRIENDS love each other despite all their bad and good habits is truly remarkable. For example, the character ‘Phoebe Buffay’ is a little eccentric but everyone still loved here like a family. No one ever cared how she acts or what she believes.

The Best of the Comedy

One of the best reasons why watch FRIENDS is their comedy. You start to admire their friendship even in the first episode. Then they added the best comedy there can ever be. You just can’t stop laughing during the whole episode. They present every scene in such a funny way that your tummy will start to hurt. They have all kinds of comedy in it.

For example, the character “Chandler Bing” is the most sarcastic guy ever. He has the funniest sarcastic reply for everything. There is “Joey Tribbiani” who is a dumb funny character. Then the poor “Ross Geller”, everything bad has to happen to him. In addition, each girl is very funny in her own way. My favorite was Phoebe.

You Will Feel Them

I started to feel like I was a part of their group when watching FRIENDS. You literally feel every happy and sad moment with them. Their love for each other, their problems, and struggle in life; everything you feel like is happening with you. This just the way the FRIENDS was directed and incredible acting made it perfect answering the question why watch friends.

Why Watch Friends? The Cutest Girls

Everyone has his/her own taste but we just can’t ignore the beauties. Most other drama seasons and movies have to add girls and some nude scenes to keep the interest of viewers. FRIENDS was already perfect plus you get three cute girls in bonus. Most of the scenes are recorded in the apartment of girls and you get to see them in their natural form. And occasional sexy dresses and bulging nipples were also very well appreciated.

Truth Behind Dating

We see romantic stories and sweet perfect couples in other seasons which is actually just bullshit. No one, particularly a relation, is perfect. You have to work hard to make a relation work. FRIENDS showed the real side of how dating actually is. You get in many temporary relations, hit weirdos and sometimes a perfect partner but things don’t work out. However, if you keep struggling, you eventually found someone who is best for you where you least expect.

Every Youngster Can Relate

FRIENDS started when all six of the characters were in their early twenties. They showed the true lifestyle of a youngster in the best possible manner. There is discussed every kind of issue and feeling that we have in our twenties. You are jobless and struggling, there is Joe for you. You have women issues, there is Chandler for you. If your marriage is in trouble, you can relate to Ross. Family issues, Monica; spoiled kid ran from wedding, Rachel; had a rough childhood then Phoebe might be relatable. In short, they have shared everything.

Every Middle Age Can Relate

FRIENDS ended when all six character were about to hit 40 as it was a long series of seasons. The tension you feel in thirties whether with kids, divorced wife, unsuccessful or struggling life; everyone can relate to FRIENDS. They presented all issues in a fun way that you will start to feel good about these issues.

Boys and Girls Can Be Best Friends

It is a conflicted point of view but FRIENDS taught me that boys and girls can be best friends. Not everything has to be about sex. You can love friends of opposite gender just as you love friends of same gender as you. You may sometimes feel attraction but that doesn’t have to be negative. For example, Joey and Phoebe flirt with each other in series all the time, they even kissed once, they love each other in non-sexual way and both ended with different partners.

The Breakup and Makeups

There were six young characters and there was a lot of dating. You know how dating goes. They hate some people, sometimes they fall in love. In short, there were many breakups and makeups and each time you feel like you are a part of it. They showed the real dating life and on top of that the added romance just made it more perfect.

Whole Ten Seasons of Them

There are whole ten seasons of FRIENDS still you just don’t get enough. I thought there were just nine seasons and I had seen all of them. One day I got to know that there is a tenth seasons. I was so happy like I had won a lottery. I would recommend FRIENDS to everyone, I say it with experience. And I really mean it otherwise I wouldn’t have written over one thousand words for an article that paid me for seven hundred words. Now if someone asks why watch FRIENDS seasons, you should recommend them this page.