Are You Aware Of Downloading Pirated Content from Internet ?

We all have played videos games at some point of our lives, from mobile games to tv games and other high end products like playstation and xbox, but very few people actually buy original copies of video games in india and they mostly download games from any free download websites which provide illegal/pirated copies of the games.

By downloading these illegal cracked and pirated games from these websites, you’re taking risk. Yes, real risk which may lead to crashing of your computer or getting infected with viruses, worms and even getting a payload(spywares) which receives command from hacker and works accordingly in your computer. According to a study, it was found that 90% of pirated games are infected with malwares and spywares.

There are so many other things involved with pirated stuff on the internet like illegal high quality prints of latest movies,illegal copies of paid softwares illegal paid video from various providers, etc; but none of them is good for you in long term or to your privacy. Cyber criminals and other dark minded people intentionally crack these games and infect them with spywares and other malwares for their benefits so that they can get and use your data and infected computer for their work, botnet is a best example of this which is basically using someone’s computer for attacking and getting attackers work done. They use your computer’s processing power for illegal bitcoin mining.

Last but not the least, pirated game actually might not work completely or partially. I had terribly dangerous experiences with pirated games as they have a tendency to crash on explicit mission that is extremely dangerous and heartrending. So i like to recommend you to shop for a creative copy of a game and celebrate. You can get cheap games from steam (if you have adequate internet connection) and they work flawless without any problem.